Solar + Storage

The solar + energy storage system is not only an ideal choice for powering homes or community in the event of a power outage, but also helps reduce electricity costs and supports the grid when required by local utility companies. Due to carbon emissions and cost reasons, traditional natural gas power plants or diesel generators are not an ideal choice. Therefore, the deployment of solar + energy storage systems has grown rapidly in recent years.

Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emission

Distributed solar energy plus energy storage technology plays a key role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving grid flexibility, and improving access to energy.

Extend Available Output Period

Energy storage technology can provide backup power, frequency modulation and other grid services. Combining the two can achieve further advantages, especially the ability to achieve continuous power supply at night, increase the output during the available generation time, and improve the flexibility of the grid.

Save Investment

In distributed communities and rooftop systems, the combination of solar energy and energy storage technology can also reduce pressure on the distribution network and reduce infrastructure investment.

Quick Actions in Emerging Markets

At the macro level, energy storage combing with solar power can increase the penetration rate of solar facilities without major changes, thereby reducing carbon emissions. The combination of energy storage technology and solar power generation can also serve as a fast track for electrification in emerging markets.

Our Products

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Grand 5 is a battery system equipped with battery modules, 2-tier BMS, and CLOUD platform. It is designed in standard modular…

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