EPOCH Rack features battery modules with 2-tier BMS and control box, can be configured in series and parallel to compose the battery system, which contains control box and busbar, to be applied as a battery system, and worked with a PCS (Power Control System).


EPOCH Rack can be designed based on various voltage/capacity needs with optimum flexibility and cost effectiveness.


Rack 1

Rack 2

Chemistry LFP LFP
Configuration 1P11S 1P13S
Rated Energy 56.32kWh 66.56kWh
Rated Capacity 100Ah 100Ah
Rated Voltage 563.2V 665.6V
Voltage Range 475.2~633.6V 561.6~748.8V
Weight 722kg 853kg
For Container GP HQ




Chemistry LFP LFP
Configuration 1P10S 1P16S
Rated Energy 51.2kWh 102kWh
Rated Capacity 100Ah 200Ah
Rated Voltage 512V 512.0V
Voltage Range 432~576V 432~576V
Weight 670kg 1200kg




Chemistry NMC NMC
Configuration 1P8S 1P16S
Rated Energy 52.2kWh 104.4kWh
Rated Capacity 126Ah 126Ah
Rated Voltage 414.4V 828.8V
Voltage Range 336.0~470.4V 672.0~940.8V
Weight 425kg 801kg

Low Cost/kWh
Simple structure with reasonable design and compact weight to save cost.

Excellent Heat Dispatch
Open structure for all-sided heat dispatch with strong stability.

Space Saving
Open combination structure to maximize the use of space.

Easy Installation
Easy assembly and installation, convenient for transportation.