Grand 5 is a battery system equipped with battery modules, 2-tier BMS, and CLOUD platform. It is designed in standard modular, with simple and fast installation purpose. It adopts advanced heat dissipation and temperature control design to ensure the consistency of the working temperature of the battery and extend the service life of the system.

Furthermore, it can be remotely monitored upgrated via webpage or mobile App thanks to equipping with POWEROAD CLOUD. It also supports EMS scheduling and participates in the formation of energy internet.

The outdoor cabinet ESS (Energy Storage System) can be installed in outdoors, with the waterproof cabinet.

Chemistry LFP
Configuration 2P12S
Rated Energy 122.88kWh
Rated Capacity 200Ah
Rated Voltage 614.4V
Voltage Range 518.4~691.2V
Weight 2t
IP Rating IP54

Fully Integrated
Fully-integrated with battery system and PCS, easy installation and strong environmental adaptability.

3-tier BMS
Separate 3-tier BMS offers multi-level management mechanism for system safety and high performance.

Black Start
Support Black Start to ensure system safety and prolong battery lifespan.

Easy Transportation
ISO-Standard containerized ESS for easy transportation.