Integrated with highly reliable lithium-ion battery and own-developed Battery Management System (BMS), POWEROAD provides battery modules for energy storage, with both LiFePO4 and NMC chemistry, with the capacity of 5.12kWh and 6.4kWh. It delivers high efficient energy in a safe and long lasting way.

Therefore, it is ready to scale and to be equipped with 2-tier BMS for battery rack for Commecial & Industrial scale ESS applications including peak shaving, demand response, frequency regulation, power quality control, off-grid, backup power, and self-consumption, etc.

Module 1
Chemistry LFP
Configuration 1P16S
Rated Energy 5.12kWh
Rated Capacity 100Ah
Rated Voltage 51.2V
Voltage Range 43.2~57.6V
Weight 52kg
Module 2
Chemistry LFP
Configuration 2P10S
Rated Energy 6.4kWh
Rated Capacity 200Ah
Rated Voltage 32V
Voltage Range 27~36V
Weight 60kg
Module 3
Chemistry NMC
Configuration 2P14S
Rated Energy 6.53kWh
Rated Capacity 126Ah
Rated Voltage 51.8V
Voltage Range 42.0~58.8V
Weight 43.5kg

Safe & Reliable
Strictly selected Tier-1 cell sources optimize safety and reliability.

BMS optimized algorithm on the strength of rich experience ensures SOC accuracy.

Highly efficient heat dissipation and temperature control design ensure consistency of working temperature and a longer lifespan of batteries.

Modular design allows easily installation and further scalable to MWh utility-scale.