Microgrid can be integrated into a large power grid or run as an independent power grid, which can effectively improve the power grid’s ability to resist disasters and ensure the safety of power supply within the grid. It can also effectively achieve high-quality matching of power supply and consumption, and optimize the distribution of power resources within the network. It can fully and effectively solve the problems of grid connection of distributed renewable energy.

Increase The Proportion of Renewable Energy

Through the microgrid control system, increase the proportion of renewable energy connected to the microgrid and consume more renewable energy.

High Efficiency

Each unit of the power grid, distributed power supply, energy storage, and load has the ability to interact with each other, each is controllable, and achieves optimal operating results according to different operating purposes.

Economic Efficiency

Cooperate with the tiered electricity price and the electricity market, and move the load as far as possible to the period of low electricity price.

Strong Reliability

When the power grid fails, the grid-connected operation mode is automatically transformed into an island operation mode to ensure the power supply of important loads.

Our Products

POWEROAD Grand series of containerized ESS provide integrated battery systems with PCS built-in, also contains control cabinet…

Grand 5 is a battery system equipped with battery modules, 2-tier BMS, and CLOUD platform. It is designed in standard modular…

EPOCH Rack features battery modules with 2-tier BMS and control box, can be configured in series and parallel to compose the battery system…

Integrated with highly reliable lithium-ion battery and own-developed Battery Management System (BMS), POWEROAD provides battery modules…

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