POWEROAD EMS is the dynamic environment monitoring system, through communication interaction with front-end intelligent equipment, allows operation and maintenance staff to know the operation status of the data center in time, through intelligent analysis, warning and intervention of security risks, to realize the full control of power supply and distribution of the data center, the power of the computer room, the environment.

What POWEROAD EMS can do:
– Provide auxiliary services to the grid-connection renewable energy storage system
– Smooth renewable energy output
– Manage power for a backup system
– Multi-energy complementary microgrid system
– Demand-side response system including energy arbitrage and demand management

Multiple Interfaces

Supports CAN/RS485/RS232/Ethernet interfaces with many types of protocols.

Early Warning

Real-time data collection for early warning conduction to ensure system safety.

Data Storage

Track back history data and whole life cycle historical curves for analysis.

Connecting to CLOUD

EMS Data forwarded to CLOUD for monitoring and storage.

Conducts reasonable allocation to ensure maximum revenue.

Communicate with many devices including BMS, PCS, PV inverter, solar, wind, diesel, and meters to schedule the energy and play coordination and control function.

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